Household Secrets To Extend The Life Of Cut Flowers

How far do you agree to the fact that keeping a vase full of fresh flowers in the room adds an outlandish charm to the surroundings that is not possible by any other means? I’m sure there will be a majority support for this notion. Also don’t forget, there are very few things that are as fragrant as flowers (although exceptions do exist in certain areas!).

Every flower has a significance, serving a reminder of something that may be very close to one and all of us. Walking by a vase full of the freshest freesia in the room is something I whole-heatedly enjoy. It seemingly transports me to a place that is nice, warm and sunny, with the breeze  cat travel backpack blowing through my hair, preferably on a tropical island.

When you are out shopping for flowers at your local florist, you probably have noticed them to be bunched together, held firmly by nothing more than a twine, with a paper or cellophane wrapping as the only form of packaging. The best thing to do if you are buying flowers from them is to visit a florist who, you know, records the highest turnover. This is the best way to ensure that you are not being provided with old flowers that will wilt out soon.

Befriending your florist is again a very good idea, something I can give assurance of from personal experience. As far as specific flowers are concerned, they are the best resource for you to work with. You may also be let upon on a number of special deals or offers that are usually available on online purchases. However, would you want these “special” flowers to wilt away within a day or so or do you want them to reach full bloom while gracing the flower vase on the mantelpiece of your drawing room?

If the latter is your choice, then here are a few simple care tips that will allow the freshly cut flowers to last longer, allowing you to experience their grandeur over an extended period of time.

Tip #1: If you are out shopping for roses, gently squeeze the petal at the point where it joins up with the top portion of the stem. If it gives a squishy and soft feel, it means the roses are old and you should stay away from purchasing them. A firm feel indicates a fresh bunch so think not and hand over the cash immediately. If you buy them fresh, they are bound to have an extended life.

Tip #2: If your flowers do not get enough water, they are sure to wilt! So, if there is going to be a long gap between the process of purchasing your flowers and subsequently putting them into a vase, then it is advisable that you see to their moisture requirements. While carrying a water container around may not always be a viable solution, you can easily arrange for a damp paper towel to wrap around the base of the stem to ensure sustained moisture levels for the flowers.

Tip #3: Once you reach home with the bunch, take a close look at the stem. Very often you will find them to bear a severely dried out or burnt look. Florists ensure that the water is changed regularly but when it comes to trimming the stems, that job is left for the customers. Time to get your knife or garden shear out and get to battle with the stems.

Hold them underwater at a 45-degree angle and cut off a couple of inches. This ensures that excess air does not get into the stem. Repeat this process regularly to ensure steady supply of nutrients and water for the flowers.

Tip #4: Flowers consume more water than you may have ever realized in the past. While tap water is the preferred option, you also have the option of switching to the use of distilled water. The use of soft water is not recommended by florists owing to the excess amount of sodium which is not good for the development of the flowers.

Tip #5: Now that the flowers have been cut and are not receiving nutrients from their natural source that is the roots, it is your responsibility to ensure that they continue to        be well fed and happy. Nothing that stays unhappy manages to survive for long and this holds true for us human beings as well, thus making it equally applicable for the flowers. Also, it may prompt some of the unopened buds to bloom as well.

Simply providing nutrients to the flowers is not enough so add some bleaching solution to the water as well. This prevents the growth of unwanted microorganisms which do not help in creating a friendly environment for the sustained growth of your flowers. Last but not the least, ensure regular care; defaulting on that front is likely to end in the loss of life for these graceful creations of nature!